Auckland Museum Tickets

For an affordable, impressive and comprehensive look at New Zealand history and culture, the iconic Auckland Museum provides one of Auckland's must-do's as it serves as a touching showcase of the trials, tribulations and artistic achievements of the country's Maori and Pacific Island heritage. Many of the pieces contained within the Auckland Museum are exceedingly rare and well-preserved examples of their craftsmanship - it's hard for us in the modern day to believe these people navigated the Pacific Ocean in mere canoes!

With tickets to Auckland Museum, you'll have the choice of either exploring its many entertaining and informative exhibits yourself, or taking a guided tour with a knowledgeable guide who can provide you even more in-depth analysis and context for what you're seeing. There are even packages available that combine the Auckland Museum with a live cultural performance that encapsulates everything that is true "New Zealand" to a tee! Tickets are available in standalone general admission, admission + tour, or admission + tour + cultural performance flavours, so you'll have a variety of options depending on how comprehensive you want your historical experience to be.

As one of our list items on Auckland's Top 10 Things to Do for 2014, Auckland Museum is a must-visit during your time in the city; simply choose your type of Auckland Museum ticket package from the selections below and witness the sheer variety of items and culture on display for yourself!