Brisbane Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Climbing Brisbane's Story Bridge with The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is one of the best and most scenic ways to see the beautiful Brisbane region. A popular adventure for both visitors and locals alike, this is a great adventure for all fitness levels and ages. An exhilarating journey with breathtaking panoramic views, the challenge of climbing is completely worth it upon reaching the top. This is a rewarding and enjoyable achievement that you won't want to miss while visiting the Queensland capital. Through the duration of the climb you'll receive informative and interesting commentary from your climbing guide about the history and heritage of Brisbane and the bridge itself.

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is challenging but safe and unique but affordable. It is a 2.5 hour experience with spectacular, uninterrupted 360 degree views and is one of only three bridge adventure climbs in the world. Dawn, day, twilight and night climbs all available and all climbers are supplied with a fully-enclosed climb suit, and the climb leaders will advise you of the weather conditions for the day and suggest comfortable clothing to wear in conjunction with your climb suit. Accessories provided include hats, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, lanyards, all-weather jackets and sunscreen, and all climbers are required to wear fully-enclosed rubber-soled shoes.

Commentary from the leaders is delivered via a radio headset, however you will be unable to communicate through the radio headset yourself - you will still be able to directly interact with your fellow climbers and the climb leader throughout the entire experience however. With a range of different climb types and time sessions, simply choose one of the Brisbane bridge adventure climb options below to book online today!