Margaret River Whale Watching

The Margaret River region is home to some of Australia's best whale watching, with the nearby popular departure point of Exmouth being one of the most heavily-trafficked spots off the coast of Oz in terms of whale numbers. These Margaret River whale watching tours will take you from the shore into the heart of the incredibly wildlife-rich Ningaloo Reef Marine Park for a day on the water to witness these gentle ocean giants up close as the relax, frolic and play.

The whale watching isn't the only highlight of tours in this region, however; the Ningaloo Marine Park is so rich in aquatic life you'll also have plenty more nature to feast your eyes on such as several varieties of sea turtle, the spectacular size of whale sharks, gracefully gliding manta rays and friendly looking dugongs - not to mention the hundreds of varieties of colourful fish! The peak whale watching season for the greater Margaret River region is typically between June and November each year, so if you're looking for a fantastic whale watching experience in WA, book your tickets online today.

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