Scenic Helicopter Flights over Melbourne

For those on a budget or if your time is limited, this Melbourne scenic helicopter ride is the quickest way to have a look at the coast and the CBD in the distance. A flight up to St. Kilda pier, coastal, and back to Moorabbin. A beautiful scenery will await you along the way, and close to Albert Park Lake you will have unrestricted views on the CBD, the western suburbs and the Docklands.

What better way is there to experience the beauty of Melbourne - the world's most liveable city - than by flying over it? Explore our beautiful CBD from a whole new perspective! While you're sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the views, our pilots will give you a brief outline of Melbournes most popular spots. The flight departs from Moorabbin Airport and we'll take you along the coastline up towards St. Kilda & Albert Park Lake, around the CBD and back to Moorabbin. If your property lies on the way, we'll be happy to fly you over your house - who can say "I've flown over my own house in a helicopter"?