Port Arthur Tours

Looking to explore the best of what Port Arthur, Tasmania has to offer? Our range of Port Arthur tours (both day and night) will allow you to both learn and enjoy everything that this historic, World Heritage-listed area of Tasmania has to offer. With both guided and self-explore options, you'll be able to take your choice of tour that best suits you - join one of the friendly and knowledgeable local guides as they take you on an in-depth journey around the 30+ well-preserved, colonial style buildings of the Port Arthur site, or grab some ghost-busting equipment and embrace the paranormal with a ghost tour.

Many of the Port Arthur tour packages available also include additional options such as cruises around the harbour, delicious meals and dinners, and much more - so be sure to check all the available extras before booking. Ensure you get the most out of your trip to Tasmania's Port Arthur and book a comprehensive tour online here!