Bundaberg Rum Distillery Experiences & Rum Tastings

The Bundaberg Rum Distillery started from very humble beginnings since its operations began in 1888 to a now world famous rum distillery. Visit the distillery and see how the award winning rum is produced through all stages of production. Bundaberg Rum welcomes visitors in a revamped museum experience that takes people into a retired 'bondstore' that was previously used to age the rum. Walk through a series of 75, 000 litre vats on a self- paced tour to uncover the history and story behind the brand and its famous 'Bundy Rum' bear with two tastings from the top shelf range at the conclusion of the tour. For a more immersive experience, join a behind the scenes tour inside the distillery or get creative on a 2 hour Bundaberg Rum experience and learn to blend your very own personalised rum to suit your own taste.

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