The Ledge Bungy Jump and Swing in Queenstown

Two great adventure experiences, one picturesque location - the Queenstown Bungy and Ledge Swing offer some of the best thrills available in New Zealand! Each of these adrenaline-pumping experiences are must-do days out for those who love to walk the wild side, both conducted at the iconic "The Ledge" which sits at a height of 400m above the picturesque waters of the Queenstown region.

Each adrenaline experience offers a slightly different take on the proceedings; the Swing provides a mixed horizontal and vertical experience that will see you swinging out over the city of Queenstown itself, while the Ledge Bungy can provide either a more traditional - or even more exceptionally whacky - Bungy Jumping experience depending on your personal tastes. Simply choose whether the Swing or Bungy is right for you (or perhaps do both while you're there) from the options below to book a dose of NZ adrenaline online today.